Wednesday, April 9

Norah - 14 Months

I haven't been around much lately, but I figured it was about time to document some of the adorable things Norah has learned recently as I know the days continue to pass us by even quicker than the one before.

Norah's first birthday was a blast. I'm so glad we decided to have our photographer come to capture all the memories. We now have so many amazing pictures to cherish that day. Since then, Norah has of course been growing like a weed and soaking in every thing going on around her. Here are some of my favorite things that she is doing currently:

-I love when we ask her what a doggy says. She responds with a muffled "woof" and quite the smirk on her face.

-When trekking up the stairs {usually before a nap or bedtime}, she makes it very clear that she wants everyone to join. She'll stop about midway up the stairs and pat her belly to get the dogs to come {she's imitating what we do when we call the dogs and pat our legs so they come}!

-Usually when she sees a banana, she'll repeat "ma na na" until she can take one bite. Then she's over it... :)

-It drives me nuts when she opens up all the drawers of her dresser and pulls all her clothes out. However, it's super cute to watch her try to put them all on. She can quite figure it out, but I'm sure she will sooner than later. My independent, strong willed baby!

-Norah absolutely loves playing outside now that it's nice. She'll reach her hand up until I put mine down so that she can hold a finger or two while we go for walks. She loves riding her bike and sitting in her stroller for long walks.

I can't believe how quickly she is growing and how fast time passes us by. She is such a wonderful blessing to us and makes each and every day amazing.

Sunday, March 9

The Best

Today is one of those days when I realize just how incredibly lucky and blessed I am. 

We woke up at 8:30 {really 7:30 since time changed last night, but we'll forget about that}. Kurt got N out of bed while I relaxed in bed for a little longer. When I finally rolled out of bed, it was time to get ready to head out of the house. We had planned to meet Josh and Mer at Patachou for breakfast. It was so delicious! 

After breakfast, we headed off to church. When we got home, it was about time for N's nap. Kurt relaxed at home and got a few things done while I ran to the pet and grocery stores to stock up for the week. 

N slept for a couple hours and then was up and ready to go. After a quick lunch, we put our jackets on and headed out for a long walk. Even though it was only 40ish today, the sun was brightly shining all day and the temperature felt warmer than what it probably really was. We stopped for a bit on our walk at the park. N wasn't so sure about it, so we didn't stay for too long.

When we finally got home a couple hours later, no one wanted to go inside yet. We played outside with the dogs until it was time to cook dinner. We decided it was a perfect night to whip up a healthy grilled meal {we haven't been able to use the grill in months}. While Kurt cooked, Norah finally got to ride in her birthday bike outside. She was in heaven! 

We finally came inside to eat was delicious! Kurt headed off to hockey while Norah and I played for a while longer. The fresh air and running around outside really tired her out. I couldn't keep her up past 7:15. We read a couple books together and she held my hand as I rocked her to sleep while singing lullabies...perfect.To top it all off, it is still light outside as I sit here and type this up. 

It wasn't too long ago that we couldn't wait for days to turn colder. To bundle up in cute fall sweaters and riding boots. To sit by the fire and cozy up to the ones we love. Now I can't wait to pack up those sweaters and boots. To bring out a box of clothes that has been tucked away for months. To spend countless moments outside playing with my little girl, husband, and doggies {who LOVE to be outside}. To not bundle up while sitting outside on our patio listening to crickets chirp and watching fireflies light-up. Funny how the love for each season fades after we've lived it for some time. There are many things I love about each season, even winter. But for now, I'm looking forward to longer days, shorter nights, warmer weather, and everything else that comes with spring & summer.  


Monday, January 13

Letters To Norah {11 Months}

My Sweet Baby Girl, 

"Better late than never" has become my motto far too often lately. But, when there is Christmas, Cabo, and a first birthday to plan {I can't believe it!}, there seems to be no time for blogging! 

I couldn't believe how much you grew, developed {from holding your head, to rolling over, to sitting up and more}, and became more aware each month from when you were born until about 7 or 8 months. From then until now, your looks haven't drastically changed {except your hair is longer and curly} and you haven't grown a ton {you've been in size 3 diapers for a while now}. What continues to change drastically month to month is your communication. 

It's amazing how many things you understand and the ways in which you communicate with us. You recently started waving hello and goodbye. However, you also make a waving {opening and closing/squeezing} your hands when you want something {especially more to eat!}. You also show us that you understand what we are saying to you. Of course, you know the word "no." Whether or not you choose to listen to us is another story! Often times we'll say things like, "Go get your baby" or "Where is Dada?" and you'll look around to find the appropriate thing we've asked you about. 

You are quick. You haven't looked back since the first steps you took on your 9 month birthday. You love the ability to get around so easily, especially that you can carry as many things as possible while you walk around. Your new favorite thing is to spin. You spin in circles as many times as you possibly can until you are too dizzy to stand any longer. Most of the time, you get right up and start spinning again...silly girl! You recently began holding our hands {a finger or two} while you are walking. Oh, how I love when you do this. I hope you will want to walk next to me and hold my hand for a very long time! 

I often sit on the floor while you are playing. Sometimes you want Daddy or me to play with you, but many times you entertain yourself for long stretches of time {you hate it when we leave you in the room and come running after us!}. Along with your spinning, you've been practicing walking backward. Recently, you will back right up to my lap and sit right down. It's so cute to watch and even nicer to have you playing on my lap {while most of the time you don't stay long!}.

You still love giving kisses, especially to the dogs. Sometimes, you'll walk right up to Daddy or me and plant big, slobbery kisses on us. We love it, slobber and all. Most of the time we are begging for kisses. Sometimes you'll oblige, while others you'll let us know that you've given too many kisses and need to get back to playing! Most any time we say "Give Cooper/Olive a kiss" you turn around to find the dogs and plant one on them! You've also started to pet them. Oh, how you love your doggies!

I absolutely can't believe the next time I'll write you will be for your first birthday. My quiet, snuggly baby has turned into a independent, strong-willed, and curious {almost} toddler. I miss that baby stage because you grew out of it far too quickly. But, I can't help to smile and laugh each and every time you come running towards me {when I say, "I'm gonna get you!!"} with your mouth wide open as you laugh. I love the little girl you are becoming, but I wish time wouldn't fly by us so quickly. This year has been my best one yet because of you. And what's crazy to think...I know the best is yet to come! 

Never forget, I love you to the moon and back. 


P.S.- The day after we got home from Cabo, we had a HUGE snowstorm. It kept us inside for 3 days straight. While it was far to cold to take you out for long {and we didn't have snow clothes for you}, we had to take you out for a minute to see just how much snow we got. You were amazed! 

Sunday, December 8

Once again...'s a busy month. With this being N's first holiday season, we're trying to soak up every moment and do as many Christmasy things as possible. But when trying to make plans with friends today, I realized just how crazy busy we are yet again. And, before we know it December will be over {thank goodness that means we'll be in Mexico and not snowy Indiana}!

The next time I blog, Christmas and New Years will probably have passed. Our Mexico trip may be over and N's birthday will be drawing even closer. So, I thought I better check-in and give some updates since we may not be back around here for awhile. 

I will only be in the office 3 more days this month {!!!} and working while I travel four more days. This week I am traveling to Nashville, TN on Wednesday and Louisville, KY on Thursday for two of our office holiday lunches. We are going to try to take N to Christmas at the Zoo on Thursday night {to avoid crowds}, but it looks like the weather may not cooperate. Friday we are going to go sit on Santa's lap and then attend the Indianapolis office holiday lunch. 

Friday evening Kurt and I have his office holiday dinner and Saturday is Kurt's family Christmas. Both nights will require babysitters and will mean two more evenings we won't be able to snuggle with N before bed. 

Monday I hit the road again to attend the Grand Rapids holiday lunch and then head over to the Geneva office for their lunch on Tuesday. Kurt and my mom are going to meet my dad and me in the city on Tuesday afternoon for a last minute getaway. We get to spend a couple days celebrating my brother's birthday with him. I'm super excited for this mini-getaway. Kurt and I used to go to Chicago right before Christmas every year. We haven't been able to do it for 5 years or so now. I'm so very anxious to spend these couple days with him enjoying a city we haven't visited for far too long and partaking in activities we used to do each year at this time!

Once we get home and pick up N from Kurt's parents, we plan to take her to Jolly Days at The Children's Museum on that Friday. I can't wait to see all of the fun activities they have and I'm sure we'll stop by the Playscape to run around for a bit. 

That gives us one weekend before Christmas. We'll have my extended family Christmas celebration on the Sunday before Christmas. I have to work one more day {Monday the 23rd} before I have off until after the first of the year! Christmas Eve my dad and I will shop like we do every year and then we'll attend an earlier mass than we usually do. I'm guessing we'll spend a very casual Christmas Eve with my parents before having 3 celebrations on Christmas Day {ours, Kurt's family, & my family}. The couple days after Christmas will be spent with a little relaxation, possibly a little shopping, and packing for our trip.

The Saturday after Christmas we'll be off on our annual trip to Cabo! We didn't get to go last year because I was about to pop! I can't remember the last time I was THIS excited about a vacation! Going to the same place every year may sound boring to some. But, it gives us something to look forward to - the restaurants, the beach, the spa, the pools - and we know what to expect, what to pack. It makes it so easy. So much fun! I can't wait to see Norah in the pool. Last time we were near water, she was still unsure of it. She absolutely loves bath time now, and I'm pretty sure swimming is going to be on her lists of things she enjoys doing!

While this time of year is so hectic, I can't help but to love every minute of it. The smells, the shopping, the gift giving, the excitement. Oh, how I love the excitement. This year I'm even more excited. To share this time of year with my baby for the first time gives me butterflies - the same ones I had when I was a kid so excited for Santa to come. 

Merry Christmas friends. Have an amazing time with your families and friends. I hope you are able to find time to relax and enjoy this season and ring in the new year in style. I may be back before 2014, but if not have the best holiday season yet! 

Monday, December 2

Letters To Norah {10 Months}


Why does life go by so very quickly? As I sit here and think of everything I want to tell you, I wish I had more time to write about the memories I've shared with you this past month. However, I can't help but to think of the 10+ other things on my checklist for the evening. Our lives are busy - daddy, you, & me. It seems like we're always on the go, always needing to finish another project, or do more laundry. The list goes on. You're always there along for the ride with us. Happy as can be to help us pick a new couch when you've only had one nap, or eat a late dinner out because we didn't get home in time to cook.

I've promised myself that I wouldn't let the holiday season slip by us this year. We've had so much to celebrate lately and had so much fun doing so. And, it's only going to get better. Christmas is soon, then Cabo, and {I can hardly believe it} your FIRST birthday. I know at the end of January I'll look back and wonder how all of those fun events are already over. But for now, I'm going to soak in every moment I have with you during your first holiday season.

Because I have writers block right now, I'm going to let some pictures do the talking from the past month.

Eating is quite possibly one of your most favorite things to do. You are so proud of yourself with how well you are able to use your hands. And, thank goodness you aren't a picky eater {yet}! Many times I get the most smiles out of you while you are sitting in your seat {maybe it's because you have to sit still}.

Oh, my sweet puppy dog. Your first Halloween was really celebrated on November 1st because it was pouring down rain on Halloween night. That really gave us two nights to celebrate! You didn't mind wearing your costume and you loved watching all the kids trick-or-treat. Next year, I'm sure you'll be right in all the action.

Of course you loved your first Thanksgiving. You had so much fun playing with your cousins and enjoyed all the food. I can't imagine what it'll be like next year when you, Ally, and Victoria will be running around together!

The weekend after Thanksgiving, we went to have breakfast with Mrs. Claus. You had so much fun! You loved shaking the bells and 'singing' along with the big girls. You were very curious about Santa. You loved riding on the train with mommy and playing in the playroom. I wonder if you'll sit on Santa's lap next year?!?

As I sit here thinking about what life was like a year ago, I can't believe that daddy and I hadn't met you yet. I can't imagine life without you here each and every day. You make me laugh and smile ear to ear every single day. I can't wait to spend my most favorite time of year with you - our first holiday season together. I love you, N. More than you'll ever know.


Wednesday, October 30

Letters To Norah {8 & 9 Months}


It's been way to long since I've written a blog post. I missed writing you an 8 month letter. I feel badly and I'm not going to make excuses. I had good intentions and even took pictures {which you did not cooperate with}. We have been working so hard to try to get our upstairs at our new house completely finished. Our computer that had all your pictures was sitting in the middle of the office for the month while work was being completed. So, I'll write you one long letter telling you about all the amazing things that have happened in the past two months {at least as much as I can remember!}.

I'm not sure where to begin. You have now gone from a speedy crawler to a cautious walker. Crawling is still your main, go-to way to get around, but you are taking more and more steps each day. You took your first steps on your 9 month birthday and haven't looked back since! I love watching you try to keep your balance while you waddle your way to your destination. I'm positive you'll be running everywhere very soon. 

{Look at you trying to stand up on your own without holding on to anything!}

You've started to show a bit of separation anxiety, especially when I'm around. It's especially bad when you aren't feeling well or are overly tired. You spend a lot of time {especially towards the end of the day} clinging to me. Most of the time you want me to hold you. It doesn't make daddy feel good when you don't want him to hold you, but we know that you don't love him any less. I'm sure you'll go through a daddy-phase at some point and I'll feel left out like daddy does. You still LOVE going to Lynda's every day. You have so much fun playing with all the kids. 

You've added quite a few new sounds and words these past couple months. You say "Baba", "Mama", "Dada", and are starting to say the 'n' sound. I still don't think you are saying words to talk about daddy and me, but it's nice to hear the words.

You love food. Oh, how you love food. You now eat as much finger food as absolutely possible with only 4 teeth. You love feeding yourself and make quite a mess {you even love feeding Cooper as much as you can!}. You don't drink many bottles a day anymore. You depend on solid food as your main source of food these days. You love drinking out of your cup all by yourself. It's amazing how independent you are. Friday, you go to the doctor. I'm hoping she'll say we can start giving you dairy. I'm pretty sure your body is going to tolerate dairy because you eat so much that has it in it already {and mommy gave you a couple bites of ice cream cake when we were celebrating daddy and Uncle Andy's birthdays}.

You HATE lying down so that we can change your diaper. You scream most times we put you down on your changing table, especially when it's getting close to bed time. You fight going to bed, even when you are exhausted.

You understand many things that we say to you now. I'm pretty sure you understand the word "No" but often choose not to listen...imagine that! My absolute most favorite thing you understand/do right now is give kisses. You'll be playing and I'll ask you to give me a kiss. Most times, you'll crawl right over, open your mouth as wide as possible, and plant the biggest kiss on my mouth. It's something I'll never forget.

You are such a curious baby. You love exploring and are pretty risky. You love watching the dogs and usually end up laughing while you watch them.

{Look at that nasty carpet. The day after this picture was taken, we had new {beautiful} carpet installed.}

I had my first business trip a couple weeks ago and I was gone for two nights. Daddy stayed with you and took such great care of you. I know he loved the time he got to spend with you by himself. You have him wrapped around your finger. You will always be his little, baby girl.

There are so many things that happened these last two months that I'm sure I'm forgetting to tell you about. As I go through my pictures on our camera and my phone, I'll keep trying to get them on the blog so I can tell you all about our fun when you get older. 

{You went to the pumpkin patch for the first time and loved it! You helped us eat an elephant ear, we took a hayride, and you helped us picked pumpkins!}

I still can't believe that a year ago I hadn't met you yet {we didn't even know if you were a boy or girl!}. It seems like you've been in our lives forever. It's crazy, but I've started thinking about getting the plans together for your 1st birthday. I can't believe it! I absolutely cannot wait to celebrate the holiday season with you. The memories we make during the holidays are going to be amazing.

N, you are so much fun. I never thought being a mom could be this amazing! You make me smile so much each and every day. Every day I love you more and more. 

I love you to the moon and back,


Sunday, October 27

Catching Up

It's been way too long since I've posted. Norah's 8 month birthday has come and she turned 9 months. Yes things have been SUPER crazy with all our renovations, but really I couldn't do her 8 month letter because our computer was unplugged and in the middle of the office for three weeks. It's now unplugged again because tomorrow we're getting new carpet!! Thank goodness! I'm going to make it a point {even though this week is going to be another crazy one} to blog this week. I have 8 and 9 month pictures to share. 

This is the last time we'll have to look at this gross carpet. Tomorrow it's going to look like a new upstairs...well it pretty much is a brand new upstairs! 

And, our baby took her first steps today. Watch out world! 

Tuesday, September 3

Letters To Norah {7 Months}

Baby Girl,

While you will forever be my 'Baby Girl', these days you aren't looking like a baby anymore. Every day I look at you and am amazed. You stop me in my tracks. Take my breath away. And, make me a bit sad. I continue to wonder how you got so big so quickly. How your little brain can learn so many new things each and every day. How Daddy and I are so blessed to be your parents. 

A month ago, I felt like you had reached a milestone. 6 months, half a year! This month, I feel like it sounds so old. How did we get to 7 months already? For some odd reason, 7 sounds so much more than 6 did. 

You are growing and changing faster than we can keep up. I'm not sure why I ever worried about you going to day-care. You hands-down, 100%, without-a-doubt love it! When we get to Lynda's, you wiggle out of our arms so that you can get on the floor and play with your new friends. And play is all you do. You aren't a sit-back-and-observe-what's-going-on girl. You are right along side the big kids playing and learning. I swear, every day we bring you home from Lynda's, you've learned something new. And boy are you tired every day! 

My transition to being a working mama has been interesting and pretty smooth. You loving day-care has helped tremendously. We know leaving you at Lynda's is so good for you. You're having more fun there than being stuck at home every day. Not getting to see you for more than a couple hours has been the toughest part. All I want to do when I get home from work is love on you. But, you're not much of a snuggler anymore. 

You continue to love to eat. You aren't picky and eat everything we give you, except rice cereal. You are eating around three meals of solid food now. You love eating mashed up bananas and love trying the foods we're eating. You have started to work on feeding yourself. You end up wearing more of the food, but you are proud of yourself for getting some things in your mouth. You have mastered using a sippy cup on your own and love drinking water throughout the day. 

You continue to talk up a storm. Your newest 'word' is "BA." You like to go on and on with your "BA's" and follow it up with a funny noise you make with your lips. Your laugh is one of my favorite noises. I love to hear your chuckles when you think something is funny...especially when you crack yourself up!

You still haven't quite mastered your crawling yet. However, you get around quite quickly. You continue to scoot more than crawl. I wonder if you'll ever crawl or if you'll go just to walking. It's better for you to crawl first, so I hope you do it for at least a short time. You have started pulling up on anything and everything you can get your hands on. You love to be standing and moving around. 

You still only have two teeth, but Daddy and I can tell you're getting another one. Our guess is that it's coming in up top. We'll just have to wait and see! 

It's still hard to believe that only 7 months ago, we were just getting to know each other. Now I feel like I know you better than any other person I know. I love watching you grow and develop each day. I often tell your Daddy that I still can't believe you're ours. I can't imagine life without you, but it continues to amaze me that you are mine. Forever. 

I love you to the moon and back,

P.S.- Sorry the pictures weren't great this month. Attempting to get you to stay still is quite challenging! 

Monday, August 12

I Survived

As much as I thought it was impossible for me, I did survive my first day working since Norah was born, and a new job! I did feel like I was back in college during syllabus week -- getting a lot of information thrown at me. I did have a few moments of tears this morning and I'm sure will continue to have more as the days and weeks go on. But, life will go on. 

As my wonderful friend, Lauren, told me last night, "You will be the first person she sees when she wakes up in the morning and the last person she sees when she goes to sleep." So very true, Laur. Those words are so comforting to me and will be each and every day. 

Only three more work days until our weekend begins! ;)

Sunday, August 11

Letters To Norah {6 Months}


Happy {belated} half-birthday! I absolutely cannot believe that you are half a year old. How can time fly by so quickly? And, how can one little baby change so very much in such a short amount of time? In just 6 months, you've gone from the teeniest, snuggly infant to a strong, curious, on-the-go little girl. 

As promised, so much has happened in our lives this past month. And, of course, you've been a happy camper {most of the time!} while you enjoyed the ride with us. On July 3, we moved into a new house. The house you are going to grow up in and remember forever. We're going to make so many memories together in this house. It was crazy moving in the day before a holiday. We wanted to work on getting the house organized, but also wanted to celebrate your first 4th of July!

{Watching the fireworks downtown Indianapolis.}

We went to the lake for the weekend after the fourth. You went on your first boat ride. You enjoyed the ride, but HATED your lifejacket! I can't blame you. After the lake, we had one week at home before we packed our bags again and went to Michigan with Nana, Papa, Aunt Quinn, Uncle Andy, and your 3 cousins. You loved the beach, but were very stubborn when it came to taking naps. There was too much going on that you didn't want to miss out on! That week you were also much fussier than you typically are. We figured out why about half-way through the week...teeth! Not one, two, at the very same time! 

We were home from Michigan for four days before we packed yet again to head out to California. We spent a day in Southern California so daddy could go to a work meeting. Then we flew up to San Francisco to spend time with Auntie Lauren and Uncle Jared. We had so much fun with them! You loved being in the city, looking at all the people and taking in all the sights and sounds. We left the city for a couple days and drove to their house in Tahoe. The drive was much longer than we anticipated, but you didn't fuss too much that we were in the car for such a long time! You spent your 6 month birthday on the beach at Lake Tahoe. What a fantastic way to spend the day! 

We're all glad that we are home now and don't have any travel plans in the near future. All of our trips wore you out so much, you slept from 9:30pm to 11:30am the night we got home! You are such a good traveler and we know we're going to spend so many fun times traveling all over the place together. By the time you're one, you'll have two passport stamps!

Last time I wrote you, you were just about to be able to sit up all on your own. You quickly mastered that skill, and have moved on to many new things. You are pretty much crawling now. You use your feet to push and hands to pull you in the direction of where you want to go. I'm guessing within the next couple weeks, you'll have figured out to use your knees to go even faster. 

You are quite the wiggle-worm. It's getting more and more difficult to hold you or try to have you sit on our laps. You know what you want and are determined to get things once you set your eyes on them. You are a talker. You are starting to make all kinds of new sounds using your lips and tongue. It's fun to hear all the different sounds you come up with. Sometimes you surprise yourself after you make a funny sound! 

Your newest thing is your "scrunchy face." You scrunch up your nose and eyes and give us a little bit of sass {imagine that}! Of course, I have yet to be able to take a picture of your new, cute expression. The amount of personality that shines through each and every day is amazing. I see a lot of your daddy in you! 

Just before we left for California, I started you on baby food. You like it SO much better than rice cereal. You are not a picky eater! So far you've had peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, and peaches. You love all of them! You are starting to eat more at a time, especially around dinner time. I just bought you a couple new sippy cups for you to start practicing with. You love drinking water out of them! 

Wow, you've changed so much this past month! You are growing so quickly and not looking like a little baby anymore. You are a quick-learner and absolutely love learning about the world around you. Tomorrow I start my new job at Papa's office. I can't believe that 6 months has past us by this quickly. It seems like just a few weeks ago that we were meeting you for the first time. I'm really sad that I have to go to work and leave you during the day. I'm going to miss you more than you'll ever know! You are going to have so much fun at daycare and will have a blast with the other kids. You don't know how much fun I've had with you these past 6 months. I feel so lucky to be your mom and to have spent so much time with you each and every day. Just remember, I'll always be thinking about you during the day while I'm at work. Promise. 

I love you, sweetheart. 


Monday, July 22


...the number of days I have left to spend with Norah before I start my new job and my maternity leave is over. I'm having a harder time with this than I ever thought possible. I've been way too emotional the last couple days, tearing up often as she snuggles before a nap, giggles, or cries out in pain from her teeth. 

I'm thankful that I have a wonderful job waiting for me and that it's four days a week. I'm so thankful for this time that I've had with her and will soak up every last minute of the next 21 days. I know working will ultimately be good for me, but I'm sad about missing out on spending every day with her. 

I'm overwhelmed by the number of changes that have happened in my life recently and they are making me an emotional mess! We head out to California for a week tomorrow to spend time with best friends. I can't wait. I'm thinking it's just what I need to get away from all the stress. For now, I'll pack and think about work another day. 

Tuesday, July 2


As I lay in bed for the last time at our first house, I can't help but to feel a little sad. An amazing chapter in our lives is closing. We are so excited for our new house and can't wait to make many memories there. However, it's hard to not think back to all the amazing things that have happened in this house. 

We were thrilled when we bought this house the summer of 2009. We couldn't wait to move in and get it furnished. Since then, our lives have changed and our family has grown. Our needs are different. We knew this day would come sooner than later buying a 2 bedroom house, but moving is easier said than done. 

This house wasn't just our first together. It was so much more. Kurt proposed in our bedroom on a rainy evening in May. This was the house we brought Olive home to after we adopted her. We spent time rearranging the house after we got married and received so many wonderful gifts. I labored for far too long in this house! And most importantly, this was the house we brought our baby girl home to after a stressful 48 hours in the NICU. 

We've had our fair share of late-night parties, lazy weekend evenings, and mornings where we slept in longer than we should have. After almost 4 years, it's hard to remember all of the good times we've had together in this house. 

Tomorrow, a new chapter begins in our lives. Of course there are a few things we'll miss about this house {mainly two specific neighbors!}, but our new house and new neighborhood are going to be better than we could have imagined for us. We'll never forget all the amazing memories we made in this house and I can't wait to make even more in our next. 

It's been real 2335. We'll miss you. 

Monday, July 1

July Preview

I don't think I'll be blogging much during July because we have a C.R.A.Z.Y month ahead of us. All very exciting things, but I know it's going to fly by. I have mixed emotions about it all because it's my last full month at home with Norah before I head back to work in mid-August. I'm planning to soak up every last moment with her before that. Here's a preview of our crazy life to come:

*Today {July 1}, we officially got possession of our new house! We showed my parents, Andy, Julia, and Lauren the house yesterday, but we could officially begin moving things in today. 

*Tomorrow Kurt and I plan to move as much as possible on our own to the new house. We're hoping to not have to keep the movers for as much time as they've quoted us. The less time, the cheaper for us! 

*Wednesday the movers come! It will be our first night in the new place! 

*Thursday is the 4th {already?!?}. This will be the first time in years we'll be celebrating in Indy. We'll probably go check out the fireworks downtown after working on the house all day.

*Friday we're going to head to the lake for the weekend to try and relax a little bit.

*Monday {8th} - Friday {12th} we are going to be working on the house as much as we possibly can. I'll make sure to take before and after pictures as much!

*Saturday {13th - Julia's 7th Birthday!!} my mom, Norah, and I are heading up to Michigan to meet Andy, Quinn, and the girls. Kurt and my dad are heading up after golf on Sunday. We'll be spending the week there with everyone. 

*Friday {19th} we are planning to leave Michigan and stop at the lake on the way home. We'll spend the evening with Kurt's family and pick up the dogs from his parents. 

*Saturday {20th} we are leaving the lake to come home, unpack, and do any last minute things on our old house. 

*Monday {22nd} if everything goes as planned {fingers crossed!!!!!}, we close on our old house!

*Tuesday {23rd) we are heading out to Newport Beach, CA for a business meeting that Kurt has.

*Wednesday {24th} Kurt, Norah, and I will be flying up to San Francisco to stay with Lauren and Jared!! :) Either Thursday or Friday that week, we are going to drive to their house in Tahoe and stay there until Sunday. 

*Monday {29th} we fly home! 

Hopefully, by the end of this month, we'll be vacationed out {is that really possible?!?}, ready to do some major work on our new place, and only own one home. It's going to be a crazy month, but so much fun. I know we'll come out of July feeling tired, but I can't wait to make so many memories! 

Sunday, June 30

Letters To Norah {Five Months}


I say it each and every time, but truly this month has gone by in a blink of an eye. With buying and selling houses and completely packing our current house, things have been incredibly crazy around here. You've kept up with us and not complained when we've been on the go for far too many hours than I can count. What a flexible baby you are! 

You continue to get cuter and cuter {if that's even possible!} and more and more fun. Your giggles make me smile and laugh and your open mouth smiles are the very best. The way you move your body when you are excited or having fun is so cute. I love how we can tell when you are having fun by the smiles on your face and the way you flail your arms and legs.

You are THIS CLOSE to sitting up all on your own. You can do it, you just need someone to make sure you don't fall to the side. You are super good at staying up when you have something in front of you to keep you focused {like Coop}. 

I know daddy and I will have our hands full because you are going to be crawling before we know it. You scoot everywhere. One minute you'll be on your play mat and the next you'll be way over on the carpet trying to pet your doggies or find a new toy. You get up on all fours, downward dog style, and get from one place to another, especially when you are in your crib. 

You tried cereal for the first time this past month. Sometimes you're really into it and others, not so much. Probably a reason why you aren't loving it all the time is because I haven't been very consistent about giving it to you. With things being so crazy around here, that's one thing that hasn't always happened. Your doctor told me that you could start baby food in a couple weeks once you've been on cereal for awhile, but I think I'll wait until the beginning of August. July is going to be such a crazy month and there is no way we are going to be able to give you cereal/food on a consistent basis. Why rush, right?!? 

I'm sorry this month's note is so short. We are going to make so many memories this next month. I can't wait to tell you all about them! 

I love you to the moon and back,